About Goyal Chemicals

We deal in comprehensive gamut of Chemicals like Zinc Stearate, Calcium Stearate, Non Toxic Ca/Zn Stabilizer, Lead Singles Commodity (TBLS, DBLS, LS, cs, DBL Phosphite, DBL Phathalate), Metallic Stearate, Oxides & Flame retardant chemicals, Mixed Metal Liquid Stabilizers, Organo Tin Stabilizers, Zinc Oxide, Stearic Acid (Indian, Imported), PE Wax, and so on which are used in PVC pipes & tubes.

Organo Tin Stabilizers

Stabilizer efficiency increases as the compatibility, solubility or degree of contact of stabilizer & resin matrix increases. Organo Tin stabilizers being highly compatible achieve highest degree of contact required & impart crystal clear clarity to the PVC compounds. We manufacture all major alkyl Tin stabilizers available in the market place i.e. Methyl, Bulyl, Oct>'1 & Mix metal alkyl Tins .All are efficient heat stabilizers, the difference being in toxicology, economics, volatility, lubricity ect.

Grade Category Application
Stannous chlod dihydrate
Used by pharma intermediate manufacturers as catalyst/strong reducing agent, Tin galvanizing, anti-sludging agent for lubricating oils, soldering flux & in glass/paper industry.
Rigid PVC film, blow molding, profiles, soft flexible films, PVC pipe, tubing's, lay flat tubing's footwear compounds, PVC electrical accessories & all transparent & opaque PVC items
Octyl Tin Mercaptide
Non-toxic rigid & soft PVC films blister films, bottles, and jars in food, and cosmetic, pharmaceutical packaging applications.
Butyl Tin Mercaptide
Highly efficient all purpose stabilizer for processing PVC at high temp. Requiring good clarity. For crystal clear transparent applications in calendaring, blow moulding, injection moulding, extrusion to manufacture shrink labels, Blister packing, films, tubings, profiles, pipes & fittings.
Butyl Tin Mercaptide
General-purpose Tin stabilizer for Lay flat tubings, Tubings/hoses, pipe fittings & molded items.
Mix metal alkyl Tin
PVC pipe fittings & rigid PVC casing, capings, PVC electrical ciccessorie.