About Goyal Chemicals

We deal in comprehensive gamut of Chemicals like Zinc Stearate, Calcium Stearate, Non Toxic Ca/Zn Stabilizer, Lead Singles Commodity (TBLS, DBLS, LS, cs, DBL Phosphite, DBL Phathalate), Metallic Stearate, Oxides & Flame retardant chemicals, Mixed Metal Liquid Stabilizers, Organo Tin Stabilizers, Zinc Oxide, Stearic Acid (Indian, Imported), PE Wax, and so on which are used in PVC pipes & tubes.

Why Trust Us

The offering of our company has acclaimed worldwide for their quality standards and effectiveness. Our efforts are deemed for the provision of qualitative chemicals at relatively economical pricing and owing to this factor, we have gained a grip over domestic market segments. Further, we are supported by highly experienced team of employees, which has a strong impact over the growing applicability of our products. Our team members are well versed in their concerned traits; with the result, they are able to manage the affairs of the company in a productive and most efficient manner. Our Forte Some of the vital factors that have proved to be our forte & have always contributed towards our success are:

  •   Use of Advanced Technologies
  •   Quality Assurance
  •   Advanced Infrastructure
  •   Prompt Technical Support
  •   Timely Delivery
  •   Competitive Prices

Our Vision/Mission/Values

Our Mission:
The mission of Goyal Chemicals is to

  •   Implement Proven Quality & Management Practice
  •   Continuously Improve our product and grow faster
  •   Exceed customers' expectations by providing outstanding customer care through innovations created by talented, satisfied employees, while positively contributing to society.

Our vision:
The vision of Goyal Chemicals is to
  •   Accomplishment our core competencies and compete in global market.
  •   Move away from heavy metal based additive systems.
  •   Achieve highest Standard of environmental protection

Our values:
Our values of Goyal Chemicals is to
  •   Purity
  •   Timely Delivery
  •   Accurate composition
  •   Reasonable prices